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Rights and Procedures When Hiring an IRS Lawyer

If you are looking to hire an IRS lawyer in Owensboro, Kentucky, it is vital that you know your rights and the procedures that are in place to protect them. You can do this by hiring a lawyer that specializes in tax law, including Mark McLaughlin. He has more than thirty years of experience representing taxpayers in a variety of tax matters. He regularly appears before the Kentucky Department of Revenue and the Claims Commission. He is also the first vice chair of Park Community Credit Union, a billion-dollar financial institution.

You should seek legal counsel for your tax problem as soon as possible. If you wait any longer, your situation will only get worse and more expensive, resulting in a larger debt, money penalties, and even criminal charges. Hiring a lawyer early on is essential to ensuring that your rights are protected and that you don’t incur too much debt. If you hire an IRS lawyer in Kentucky, you can rest assured that your taxes will be resolved.

Mark Loyd is a seasoned and experienced tax attorney with over 20 years of experience. His diverse practice allows him to fully understand the needs of his clients and determine the best course of action. His credentials include a Martindale-Hubbell AV Preeminent ™ rating and membership in the American College of Tax Counsel. In addition, Mark Loyd is a fellow of the American Bar Foundation and has been named a Super Lawyer since 2015.

Hiring the number one IRS Lawyer in Kentucky is critical for your tax case. While hiring a local tax attorney may seem like an excellent option, it is not the best solution. Your tax attorney may not have the right experience or relationships with the IRS and might not be able to make the strongest case for you. Additionally, it could take several hours of travel time for your case to be resolved, and you may be better off using a national tax attorney who is already familiar with the nuances of tax law.

You can expect a pay range of $54,644 per year for a TAX Attorney in Kentucky. The salary will vary by location, experience, and skill level. Fortunately, the number of jobs opening for TAX Attorney in Kentucky is small, and Kentucky ranks 41 out of 50 states for the salary of TAX Attorneys. If you are in search of an experienced and reliable Kentucky TAX Attorney, you can use ZipRecruiter to find the right person for your tax case.

A tax attorney can also build a strong case when you are facing criminal tax charges. The tax attorney can represent you in court if necessary, or even present your case to the tax court if necessary. In addition to helping you resolve your tax issues, a tax attorney can help you file delinquent returns to bring your account current with the IRS. Remember that it is critical to file your tax returns on time to avoid large penalties and interest charges.

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